HIIT for indoor cycling
January 18th 2014 I decided that I wanted something different to add to my indoor cycling classes. The various fitness studios that I take my classes in run a total of 52 indoor cycling classes, with 24 different instructors..........read more

Creating The Track: An Overview
As a composer specialising in ambient and left field soundscapes, I find it very enjoyable working for SFI Music and creating tracks that can be used for Indoor Group Cycling, as it is so different to my normal works...........read more

Should SFI Music be mastered for maximum loudness?
We are currently in the process of mastering 8 new Tabata based HIIT tracks but we face a interesting dilemma...........read more

Universal Studios trademark Tabata
SUniversal studios have successfully registered the trademark Tabata. This will no doubt have implications in the fitness industry in particular instructors using this training method and companies that make product to support these training routines..........read more

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