Creating The Track: An Overview

As a composer specialising in ambient and left field soundscapes, I find it very enjoyable working for SFI Music and creating tracks that can be used for Indoor Group Cycling, as it is so different to my normal works. Chris has a firm vision and knows what he wants so I have developed a process to help me produce music that fits his ideal for the class.

The first stage is creating the beat. Very often at this point, I am undecided if it will be a race or climb track (I approach Tabata tracks differently, but more about that in future posts). Once I have a strong beat, I will then play around with tempo until I find something that feels right. The tempo will govern if the track will develop into a race or a climb. As a general rule, climb works best at 128 BPM, whereas a race track can work anywhere between 128 to 144 BPM; it depends on the feel and sense of movement.

The next stage is to plan the structure. SFI offers two basic styles; interval-based and beats-to-the-bar-based. Once decided, then I look to develop themes, maybe a catchy melody or a good vocal hook. The goal is to create a piece of music that is easy for the instructor and the class to work with, but is also enjoyable to listen to. This helps to keep the class motivated.

As soon as I have come up with a track, then comes the scary bit - getting Chris's approval! As a experienced instructor, he knows what works and he is not shy about telling me what doesn't ! If the track passes the test, it goes through a final mix down and mastering then Chris will take it to test in class. If the track works then we plan for release and distribution. Often, we will offer the track as a free download for a limited period to get it out there, so remember to check back frequently for any offers.

I will go into the process in a bit more depth in future posts, and Chris is planning to blog some info about how he will use the tracks in class.

So stay tuned! I hope that you enjoy my work.


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