Universal Studios trademark Tabata

Universal studios have successfully registered the trademark Tabata. This will no doubt have implications in the fitness industry in particular instructors using this training method and companies that make product to support these training routines. We know of one gym who have been served notice asking to stop using the name Tabata in any promotion and marketing activities and to cease offering Tabata classes.

To understand this and how it will affect the fitness industry maybe the best way is to compare it with Spinning. Mad Dogg Athletics trademarked the word "Spinning" if used in conjunction with any Indoor Cycling activity so unless you are a registered spinning instructor or class you cannot use the word in reference to your activities. This is why most fitness centres title their classes "Indoor Group Cycling"

Fitness instructors can register to become an approved Tabata instructor. You can find details at the Universal Tabata official website.

How will this affect SFI Music ? We create interval based music that can be used to aid training routines. We currently have 4 tracks released for High Intensity Interval Training that we have sub titled Tabata tracks. We will crease to use the word Tabata on any of our future releases and drop the use of the Tabata name from any currently released tracks. We will continue to produce interval based music that can be used in class for Race, Climb and high intensity. We will title the high intensity music HIIT as this music is not produced just for Tabata but for any form of high intensity exercise .

Further readings on the definitions of High-intensity interval training can be found on the Wikipedia web site. There are currently 4 recognised HIIT regimens.


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